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Born in Byron Bay

Australia is world leader in some things – We produce a lot of grain and we drink a lot of beer. Brewing in our country produces over 250,000 tonnes of spent grain each year that is under-utilised, usually sent to landfill or given away to farmers as a low-value livestock feed. Brewing beer only removes the sugars in the fermentation process, yet the byproduct is all the fantastic protein, fibre and micronutrients that goes to waste. This makes no sense and creates a big opportunity that we at Grainstone are here to fill.

A hundred years ago brewers spent grain was often milled into a wholegrain flour and used in baking. Over time it was dropped for simpler less healthy white flour and the  process was lost. Now with better understanding of its excellent health benefits, societal need, environmental value and other positive attributes, it is time to bring it back!



Compared to regular white flour,
Grainstone brewers wholegrain flour will boost and fortify your baking:
High Protein ~ Twice the protein
High Fibre ~ 12x the fibre
Low carbs - 1/3 the carbs
Low sugars and low gluten
Prebiotic and bioactive components
Plant based protein source
Mainly barley grain
Tastes great ~ gentle nutty flavour
100% local Australian ingredients
Upcycling supports the circular economy
Zero alcohol - In case you were wondering


Everymans Everyday Snackfoods

We are developing a range of delicious healthy high protein snackfoods for Aussie blokes nationwide. From surfers to gamers, tradies to hipsters, ‘Made with beer’ is here for everyman, everyday! You’ll be able to get your hands on them in service stations, convenience stores and pubs near you.

Snack bar or bar snack. You decide.

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